Mainstream media continues to play its anti-Trump games

The story reported by The Atlantic last week is just the latest in a pile on against the President.

That's because Jeffrey Goldberg, who wrote the story about what the President allegedly said about America's war dead claimed there's more stories like this coming out during an appearance on MSNBC.

"I just know of reporters who are trying to figure out other aspects of this, and I expect more reporting on this and everything else in the coming couple of months,” Goldberg claimed.

Goldberg's story has already been exposed as fake news. But Fox's Adam Goodman says the mainstream media won't let go.

"We have a news cycle that's 90% dependent on going after the President of the United States on anything and everything," Goodman explained.

But he says Trump can win even though the deck is stacked.

"The public is starting to filter out the nonsense that is being manufactured as news," Goodman stated.

Just like they did in 2016, when the same things were happening.

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