Houston Companies Reconfiguring Office Space as Economy Picks Up

Many Houstonians are still working from home, but that's changing.

The economic shutdown and the drop in the price of oil cleared out lots of office space here in Houston earlier this year. However, business is slowly picking up. Commercial real estate expert Stephen LaMure says he's talking with companies throughout the state of Texas making configuration plans for their office when employees come back to work.

“Most of those tenants are saying they are going to need more space and that they are going to have to reconfigure their space for safety protocol and simply liability sake,” LaMure, who is also the CEO of Dominus Commercial, said.

Some companies are still not sure if they'll want more or less office space in the next year. LaMure predicts in 6 to 8 months, half of those working from home in Texas will be back physically to work in some form.

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