Teach your kids to take care of aging things

Not surprisingly, health care and alternative energy jobs are being touted as the wave of the future.

Bankrate chief economist Mark Hamrick says our aging population will need more heath care workers.

"Occupational and physical therapy nurses, physicians' assistants, home health care aides, personal aides."

Hamrick also says the future is solar.

"Solar energy-related jobs; people who install solar panels, that's going to be another job that's going to be in demand."

Hamrick says with more automated factories, we'll need more workers trained to repair and maintain the robots.

"For example at Tesla, there's a high degree of automation in the Tesla factories and so the people that have no-how that could help Tesla crank out more cars, more efficiently."

Hamrick says workers who can make and install solar panels will take the place of oil field workers displaced by alternative energy use.

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