Social media rushes to judgement again

Social media is once again playing judge, jury and executioner when it comes to conservative opinion.

Twitter removed a Tweet from activist Cassandra Fairbanks that said "Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong." Republican strategist Luke Macias says its hypocritical.

"Journalists can Tweet out that certain protesters are being peaceful while buildings are being burned and they are not inciting violence," Macias said.

This censorship is having consequences. Parler CEO John Matze says it's why his site is not just growing, it's exploding.

"This space is ready to be disrupted. It's time for a new competitor to come in and take this over," Matze told a California TV station earlier this year.

But Macias says there's one thing holding Parler back.

"The biggest thing it has to contend with is that liberals are not migrating over to Parler," Macias explained, adding that the growth Parler has experienced has come from conservatives only.

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