Houston Teachers Worry They’ll Be Forced into In-Person Instruction

Houston teachers are still considering leaving the classroom over fears of catching COVID-19.

Many schools have gone virtual for the start of the academic year. However, come October 19th, some teachers won't have the choice to stay at home. Andrew Dewey, with the Houston Federation of Teachers, says state officials are calling for a mandatory return to in-person learning. That has some considering quitting, depending on their personal situation.

“Can they afford to walk off their job? When they are put in this situation where can they feed their family, or are they going to risk the health of their family,” Dewey said. “So I do expect that there are going to be some teachers that will make the decision to leave.”

Dewey says Houston ISD has a shortage of teachers, but that's not unusual at the beginning of the school year. He's worried that number might jump next month.

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