Disinformation runs rampant on social media

Social media is an often toxic environment controlled by social justice warriors. A new study finds social media is making parenting even more difficult.

Matt Zajechowski with Digital Third Coast says it's taking the place of proper schooling.

"We had to talk about with our peers, learn in school, learn it on television, but kids these days are getting a lot of their information in their time on social media."

And this is where kids are being told things like President Lincoln was a democrat.

"I think parents should have an open dialogue with their children about what's appropriate on social media and what's not and also set some limits, potentially."

During the pandemic kids have more, not less, time to spend on social media. Zajechowski says parents have got to monitor what the kids are seeing and talk about it.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of the stuff the kids are picking up is from social media, so I think it's important to monitor what the kids are learning and what they're reading."

Democrats control the narrative on the top sites for kids, like Instagram and Snapchat. This is where kids are being taught to hate America for its supposed racist past.

Who would you rather have teach your children, Katy Perry and Beyoncé or school teachers?

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