When it comes to cell phones, you better shop around

Lots of new high tech cell phones are coming out this fall and if you're looking to upgrade, shop around for the best deal on your current cell phone. You might be surprised by how much you can get.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says there are sites online that'll give you more than if you trade it in with your provider.

"If you go online and do a little Google search you can find these sites that are specifically meant for trading and selling cell phones and depending on the state of your phone -- is it clean, does it work, do all the functions work? -- you can get a good price."

Gazelle, Decluttr and Flipsy are some of the sites that may give you more than you expect for your old phone. Garfield says remember to wipe your old phone before you trade it in or sell it.

"Plug it in to your computer get all your photos, your videos, your contacts off, then go into your settings and find a setting that says 'factory reset,' reset that phone like it was brand new from the factory -- do that before you dare send it away or sell it."

You could get as much as a third more from one of those sites than if you trade the phone in with your carrier.

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