Mainstream media can't ignore riots anymore, so they blame Trump

In case you haven't figured it out, the mainstream media has changed how they are covering the riots we have seen for the last three months in Portland.

At first they tried to ignore it. Political analyst Dan Snell says it didn't fit their agenda.

"Networks today are no longer news networks. They have become opinion networks, and that's what is troubling," Snell said.

Then they came to realize they couldn't ignore it. So they found a narrative.

"In one voice they are saying to blame President Trump," KTRH's Sean Hannity said Monday night on his Fox News show.

Snell says if you're going to watch the mainstream media, do it with suspicious eyes.

"Do your homework. Verify facts. Go to multiple places to get information to confirm. Don't just trust one network," Snell explained, calling it his 'voter accountability challenge.'

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