No Major Damage to Oil Refineries in Jefferson County amid Hurricane Laura

Despite Hurricane Laura ripping through the Gulf Coast last week, oil and gas companies on the Texas side don't report any major damage.

Texans probably haven't noticed much change in the price of gas this week. That's thanks to efforts by the oil and gas industry to brace for the hurricane. Jefferson County, home to four major refineries, was battered by high winds. But, David Holt, the president of Consumer Energy Alliance, says officials were well-prepared.

“This hurricane was moving so quickly, and the resiliency and the redundancy that’s set up in the oil and gas sector off shore and in the refinery sector here in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast are set up so they can withstand these storms,” Holt said.

Judge Jeff Branick says the storm knocked out electricity to more than 200,000 homes in Jefferson County. As of Monday afternoon, that's down to less than 60,000.

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