Track of Tropical Storm Laura remains up in the air, but Houston in play

While Tropical Storm Marco makes its approach to Louisiana, it does so as a storm that is weakening, and with much of the focus on Tropical Storm Laura, at least as far as the Greater Houston area is concerned.

The latest cone of uncertainty for Laura dos have Houston in play. But Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District says whether you are in the cone or not, considering how big this storm might get, it won't matter.

"Even a landfall over the Sabine Pass area, or Lake Charles, would still likely have some degree of impacts in southeast Texas," Lindner told Houston's Morning News.

Lindner says one of his big concerns with Laura is storm surge.

"Right now we are expecting anywhere from 4-5 feet of water level to rise with the current forecast," Lindner stated.

Among the areas that would be impacted with storm surge is Galveston. County Judge Mark Henry says what makes it tougher is that there is no consensus on track right now.

"Laura has been particularly difficult to nail down. We don't expect a really good agreement of models until after midnight tonight when the storm clears Cuba and is in the Gulf of Mexico by itself.

And even then, Francisco Sanchez with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management says a wobble or two could lead to vastly different outcomes.

And it's in the Gulf where Laura is expected to get stronger. Most forecaster think the storm will become a Category 2 hurricane, with a chance that it could go higher and become a major hurricane.

"Right now 60 miles could make a huge difference between a few inches of rain and several inches of rain; a few feet of surge and several feet of surge. Those obviously have tremendous impacts for our communities," Sanchez explained.

Sanchez also told KTRH that when you prepare your kits, because of COVID-19, add in plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes.

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