Conservative Proposes Solution to Heal the Political Divide in America

Our country seems more politically divided than ever before. However, some conservatives say there's a way we can heal this nation.

Cancel culture, violent protests, and accusations of deep-seeded racism. The problems may seem too big to fix. However, David Brog, the president of the conservative Edmund Burke Foundation, says the solution is not easy, but it is simple: a renewal of American nationalism.

“We in this nation, as Americans, share something very deep. We’re rooted together in the same land, speaking the same language, sharing the same culture, bound together with something profound and I would say mystical,” Brog said.

He disagrees with those who try to hijack the word nationalism, and associate it with “white nationalism”, which he says is an idea we should reject. He says two examples to look to: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Junior.

Brog says that love of country can be a powerful antidote to racism. He says one thing we can all do, speak up more about reasons why we are happy to be an American.

To read more about Brog’s thoughts on American nationalism: CLICK HERE

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