Virus misinformation is a threat to the economy

When it comes to Coronavirus, it may be the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. A recent poll found the average American doesn't understand basic facts about the virus and the national media is only too happy to fan the flames of misinformation -- if they think it will make the President look bad.

Dr. Jason West is an Idaho chiropractor. He says fear based on misinformation is killing restaurants in his area.

"It's funny when they say 'Dr. West, what's the most important thing to take?' I tell 'em you should take a break from social media; that's the first thing you should take."

The poll found many Americans think the young are more at risk than the elderly.

"The risk factor for getting this Coronavirus is negligible, I mean it's so low. We're talking about less than half a percent of the population is going to have a run-in with this."

Dr. West says one of his arthritis patients now says her main problem is anxiety.

"I did my follow-up with her today and I said what's wrong and she's like 'anxiety, I've got this big brick in my stomach and I'm seeing what's happing on the media; I'm worried about myself, I'm worried about my family and my kids and my grand kids.'"

The severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, from which our national media suffers, is a real threat to the economy. In their desperation to make President Trump look bad in any way they can, the misinformation they spread has the average American afraid to go to a restaurant.

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