On the national news, nothing good about President Trump is allowed

On Wall Street, happy days are here again. But you wouldn't know it from the national media, which continues to ignore record highs for the indexes and always presents such information along with a warning about how it won't last or how it's an illusion.

Political insider Chris Begala says our national news media is simply a tool of the Democratic Party.

"Not only are they ignoring it they're spreading lie after lie after lie."

Begala says you pretty much can't trust anything you hear from the mainstream media anymore.

"They are a corrupt arm of the far left movement of this country and it is just disgraceful."

Begala says he's optimistic voters will be able to see through this in November. He says most democrat voters don't know and don't care and most republican voters are aware of the President's successes. As for the rest of the voters, Begala is optimistic.

"They're smart but where they get their news is mostly from this mainstream media that lies and hides. I think they will, but we shall see."

The S&P 500, which most consider the most important index, is at an all-time high.

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