Mainstream media ignoring stories that would actually help President Trump

The mainstream media doesn't just bash President Trump. They completely ignore stories that would paint the President in a more positive light.

Bryan Preston with PJ Media says the only proof you need for this is the violence we are telling you about in Portland, Seattle and Chicago that the mainstream media conveniently ignores because they are led by Democrats.

"They have abandoned their first duty, which is public safety. This would play into Trump's hands because he has pointed out that law and order is going to be one of his signature issues," Preston explained.

Preston says that if the mainstream media did their job and reported on these things, it would change the way people perceive the President.

"Folks would rally around him as the voice of reason, which you wouldn't have said four years ago," Preston stated.

Among the other stories being conveniently ignored include Spygate and improving relations between Israel and the UAE.

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