Pelosi wants to win an election, not help Americans

Even though the Postmaster General is putting off the changes to the U.S. Postal Service that had Democrats worried about your access to main in voting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's real priorities were on display when she called the House of Representatives back to Washington over this and not a COVID-19 stimulus package..

Pelosi was cutting the August recess short to do this, too. Former Texas Congressman Ted Poe says Pelosi doesn't care what you'd like to see happen at all.

"Most Americans would rather have some type of stimulus for themselves and some substance for losing their jobs as opposed to trying to fix the post office," Poe said.

But no matter what happens, Poe says the President has already lost the P.R. battle thanks to the mainstream media.

"It seems as though the President doesn't ever win the battle for optics. He is always perceived as the bad guy," Poe stated, adding that the President is right; the postal service needs to be fixed, and that Pelosi has turned this into a political issue.

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