Home sales are a pandemic bright spot

If you could fit houses on a shelf they'd be flying off it. For July, nationwide home sales were up 9% over last year.

Laith Daik with Texas Loan Star says homes are selling like hotcakes here, too.

"We're seeing lots of contracts, we're seeing homes that are getting multiple offers, so it's definitely a lot of buyers in the market out shopping and looking to buy their first home and change their space."

Daik says home building is also up, but not as much as sales of existing homes.

"We are seeing construction activity as well, but primarily the majority of it is purchasing either resales or new homes that are already built."

Daik says being forced to stay home has made many of us tire of where we are.

"I think the pandemic has helped people reevaluate their living space; they're looking at the space they're living in, whether it's a rental or a current home and spending time there evaluating wanting to do something different and looking for a change in environment."

Nationally, for the month of July, home sales were up nine percent over last July and 46% of homes for sale sold within two weeks.

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