Brace for Longer, More Extensive Check-ins at the Airport

If you haven't been to an airport since the pandemic, more changes are heading your way if you decide to fly. COVID-19 may well have a greater impact on travel than 9/11.

“I think experts and analysts can all agree that this may be the single, biggest even to effect the travel industry,” The Points Guy Senior Travel Editor Melanie Lieberman said.

She observes how you won't see many people in the airport nowadays, and nearly all of them is wearing a mask. However, Lieberman says in the future, you may have to allot more time to check in and board a plane. The TSA and the airlines are considering biometric scans, disinfection chambers, automated baggage screenings, and eye-recognition technology.

“It’s going to be harder than ever to take a spontaneous trip. You really are going to have to prepare probably quite a bit before your next flight. Just to know what the expectations are, to make sure you have everything you need with you,” Lieberman explained.

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