West: Harris County Clerk has vested interest in voting by mail

Democrats across the country, and especially here in Texas, have been making a push for voting by mail.

Texas Democrats claim they will have sent out 1.75 million vote-by-mail applications to eligible voters by the end of this month. And here in Harris County, Clerk Chris Hollins is doubling down on this effort, calling it "hands down the safest method to vote this November."

What you may not know is that Hollins has a vested interest in getting more people to vote by mail. Texas GOP Chairman Lt. Col. Allen West told Houston's Morning news Holins isn't unbiased.

"I think the people in Harris County should be concerned when your elections supervisor is also an official with the Texas Democratic Party. Talk about a conflict of interest," West said. "This is also the same gentleman that talked about how early voting needed to be extended. Why we acquiesced to that is really astounding to me."

Governor Greg Abbott extended the early voting period to reduce crowd sizes.

The U.S. Postal Service says Texas voters may not receive mail-in ballots in time for the November elections. The postal service advises election officials to use first-class mail to send ballots, and says voters should mail them in by October 28th.

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