COVID-19 is leading to an early start for flu season

You probably aren't thinking about it yet. But the folks who make your flu shots are getting their season started early, thanks to COVID-19.

Because of the pandemic, infectious disease expert Patty Olinger says drug makers are already getting a head start on the process of getting the flu shots out.

"They are talking about rolling the flu shot out earlier this year than later so that we can get ahead of it," Oliner explained. "They are making more doses available this year, too."

Olinger says 200 million flu shots will be made available, up 13% from last year. Olinger says there is one question many in health care have been asking behind the scenes

"The fear is what happens when someone presents with symptoms of both the flu and COVID-19," Olinger stated.

The CDC says just under half of all Americans get flu shots every year. For kids, that number is 62%

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