Energy Experts Concerned Biden-Harris Ticket Wants to Ban Fracking

Joe Biden’s campaign may have already lost the support of millions of voters. That's because his vice-presidential pick, Kamala Harris, says she wants to ban fracking.

Many in the oil and gas industry are concerned about Harris when she said she wants no fracking at all. Biden said “no new fracking” during the run-off, but Harris’ proposal would take it a step further. Harris has also voiced her support for the progressive Green New Deal. Phil Barnett with Barnett Energy says if a Biden presidency actually banned fracking, it would be devastating for the economy statewide and nationally.

“It would contract the industry in some regards, 90 percent. A few million Texans on the unemployment rolls, and conversely, it would have zero positive effect on the environment,” Barnett said.

He also says fracking has helped the U.S. gradually ease off its dependence on foreign oil, which means it's also a national security issue.

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