Always buy tickets with a credit card

As you might imagine, credit card disputes over cancelled events and trips are way up this year. Some vendors are refusing full refunds.

Ted Rossman at says we've seen it all.

"Cancelled trips, cancelled concerts, sports events."

Rossman says start with the vendor before you call the credit card issuer.

"You've gotta start wherever you made the purchase, if you don't get what you want there then you should bring in your card company as a backup."

Rossman says the key is persistence; stay on it until you get your money back.

"Definitely be your own advocate here. Unfortunately, banks and credit card companies are looking at these transactions with more scrutiny just because there's so many disputes these days. There's a good chance you'll get your money back but you might have to be persistent about it."

Rossman says the most common disputes are cancelled tickets for concerts and sporting events, along with flights and hotel reservations. In some cases vendors refuse to issue a full refund. Rossman says this is why it's better to pay with credit rather than debit.

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