What kind of damage could Never Trumpers wind up doing?

It's not just the Democrats that want to get rid of President Trump. Never Trumpers have made their intentions clear, too.

The Never Trumpers are saying they don;t want to "repeat the mistake" of 2016. One op-ed in USA Today said Trump "imperiled our Republic." Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says by supporting Biden these Republicans are making a bad choice.

"It's much worse. Joe Biden is probable senile unfortunately. And then there's Senator Harris who is either the Number 3 or 4 most leftist Senator in the U.S. Senate," Polland explained.

And what scares him is that the Never Trumpers aren't just going after Trump.

"It hurts the party. They are talking about Republicans in the Senate that they are going to oppose," Polland stated, adding that these Never Trumpers may want to destroy the party, so they can rebuild it.

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