Sweden may have had the right idea not to lock down

The results of some new research show that the United States may not have had to lock down the way they did because of COVID-19.

Sweden didn't lock down in any way whatsoever. Their economy shrank by just 8.6%. Their death rates were lower than other European countries as well, Political scientist Allan Saxe says we should be asking some hard questions here in the U.S.

"Should we continue to lock down or open up? I think we are opening up a little bit, but not as much as other people would like," Saxe explained.

But Saxe also says he sees our debate trending in the opposite direction.

"I think the argument is more with the lockdown than anything else. And then there is Dr. Fauci, who seems to be on the lockdown side," Saxe stated, adding that the college football postponements we have seen from the Big 10 and Pac-12 conferences are not helping the lockdown debate.

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