Who decides how schools get to re-open? Local lawmakers or districts?

As schools begin to re-open, the debate over who makes the decisions about what it all looks like continues.

Last month, we saw Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo try to take control over those types of decisions. But Harrold ISD superintendent David Thweatt says Attorney General Ken Paxton made it clear that it's not up to her or any other lawmaker.

"School districts do have some local control. The Attorney General has made that clear. This has been addressed, Thweatt said.

Thweatt says his district has decided to open up with classroom learning only.

"We are not doing any virtual. This is the way we do business. We are coming back to school," Thweatt stated.

New polling from Pew Research shows that 41% of Democrats favor virtual learning five days a week. Only 13% of Republicans agree with that.

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