Are Houston cops really fining people for not wearing masks?

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner talked tough about wearing masks. That tough talk hasn't been followed up with any real action.

Turner threatened $250 fines to anyone that Houston police officers found not wearing a mask. Ray Hunt with the Houston Police Officers Union says there have been no fines and no tickets written.

"We have not heard about that. That would mean that someone was refusing to comply with an officer," Hunt said.

In fact, Hunt says cops are going out of their way not to give citations and fine people.

"We definitely have been given extra masks and have been told that we can give them to citizens. Officers are not going to write a ticket because someone doesn't have on [a mask-," Hunt explained.

After the Mayor announced the fines, the union told cops no one would be arrested for violating the mask mandate, and outlines 10 exemptions to wearing a mask.

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