Election stress rising at home, an at the office

Almost two-thirds of Americans say they are afraid to share their political views with others.

That could be especially the case at your office. So how should your boss deal with this. Should you have the right to get political at work? Labor attorney Aaron Holt says that depends on where you work.

"You have limited freedom speech in public employment, and none if you have a private employer," Holt , with Cozen O'Connor, said.

Then there's the 'Zoom' factor. Many are working at home and conducting online meetings. Can you wear your MAGA hat or Trump shirt to those?

"If the employer has traditionally let people wear clothing with messages, then what is it about the concept of that speech that is problematic?' Holt asked.

The 62% that said they were afraid to share their politics with others is up from 58% three years ago.

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