Battle for the ‘Burbs: Trump Verses Biden

The Trump campaign is turning its attention to the suburbs amid the upcoming November election.

The president knows families in the suburbs could be a critical demographic in his re-election. So, he's been talking recently about defending family values and lifestyle choices. He's also mentioned that he wants to about protect the suburbs from Democrats, who he says want abolish the neighborhoods as we know them. Political analyst Felicia Cravens in Katy says Trump is trying to make up for lost ground locally from the 2016 Presidential Election.

“A good portion of the suburbs went for Hillary, so Trump has got to make up ground in some of these suburban areas. Especially the more diverse ones: Fort Bend, Katy, in this area. The question though is whether it is Biden’s area to lose in the suburbs,” Cravens said.

Cravens says suburban moms, like herself, have yet to see or hear much from Biden, since he hasn't gotten out to campaign. That could leave the door open for Trump.

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