Doctors Concerned Americans Are Still Delaying Medical Care Due to COVID

Many Americans are still putting off getting medical care during the pandemic.

As a result, Houston doctors are once again urging their patients not to delay care, and reassuring people it's safe to head to the hospital. However, the message doesn't appear to be resonating. A new poll finds 40 percent of Americans are holding off on seeing a doctor out of concerns they might catch the virus at the hospital. It’s stayed roughly the same percentage for the past 12 weeks. KTRH medical expert Doctor Joe Galati says if you are worried at all about the risk, let your physician know. He is urging you not to skip important tests like cancer screenings.

“Communication is going to be the most important thing. Speaking with your physician and care team and really truly understanding why a particular test needs to be done right now,” Galati said.

Galati adds clinics and hospitals here in Houston are working to keep their facilities clean, and encouraging social distancing.

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