The NFL seems determined to hurt its brand

Sometimes it seems the major sports leagues are trying to drive away fans. Heavy-handed social justice messages are probably not what most sports fans want to see when they're trying to escape the depressing real world.

KTRH host Rush Limbaugh says the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball are in bed with the group Black Lives Matter.

"Black Lives Matter is an acknowledged, proud -- not hiding it -- Marxist, anti-American organization."

Rush says since most of the players are black, it could be the NFL and NBA are just trying to avoid trouble.

"We're just going to take the path of least resistance and we're gonna appear to be in bed with Black Lives Matter so our players don't strike and leave us high and dry."

Rush says it's possible the leagues know BLM is a Marxist group determined to destroy America, and only appear to support it to appease ignorant fans.

"If the NFL, if Major League Baseball, if the NBA are governed by Twitter then I will guarantee you they are going to think most people think Black Lives Matter is an offshoot of Dr. Martin Luther King, and that's it."

Many fans say they won't watch the NFL if it bombards them with social justice messages and more kneeling.

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