Dems Continue Push for Canceling Presidential Debates

Whether it's Joe Biden's poll numbers or his cognitive ability at this point, Democrats are coming up with every excuse under the sun to keep him off the debate stage with President Donald Trump.

The first debate is scheduled September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. But President Clinton's former White House secretary and others are pushing to cancel all three contests.

“That first one may be delayed or it may occur.I don’t know if he’ll do three, but I do believe he will debate Trump,” says KTRH political insider Chris Begala.

Begala says the primaries, national convention, debates are all part of a larger job interview for leader of the free world.

“It is disappointing for anybody who believes this is a pretty fairly important job,” he says.“Why wouldn’t the American people like to see some unfettered discussion?”

“I just believe that if somehow Joe Biden and the Democratic Party says absolutely no to any debate, which could have serious repercussions in the center.”

Begala says he can't think of any major political candidate, especially running for president, who refused to debate the person they were competing against for their job.

“You go back to Lincoln-Douglas, they spent hours and hours and days debating,” he says.“Then of course the famous 1960 debate where Richard Nixon didn’t look that good as a candidate and John Kennedy did well.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a major party candidate for president who refused to debate.”

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