Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Supports Strike If Schools Still Unsafe

Millions of teachers across the country are still worried about returning to the classroom this fall amid the pandemic. Some are even considering going on strike if schools aren't ready.

Educators remain focused on safety as the academic school year fast approaches. There's so much concern, the American Federation of Teachers say they'll support local chapters going on strike if they feel schools in their area are not safe. Education expert Doctor Rebecca Good hopes it doesn't come to that.

“The districts need to work really hard to have that not happen. Even your best students did not learn as much at home as they would have in the classroom. So, having teachers strike would keep them even from getting remote learning,” Good said.

Good also believes the vast majority of teachers want to return to the classroom, but they want to make sure everything is done to ensure health and safety. The American Federation of Teachers represents 1.7 million members. It’s the largest teachers union in the nation.

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