Texas Gas Drops a Penny, Ranks Third Lowest in the Country

Drivers in the Lone Star State continue to fill up for less, as gas prices remain below two dollars per gallon.

We are entering the final weeks of the summer travel season, but you'd never know it based on gas prices. The average price for regular unleaded in Texas is only $1.89, down one cent from $1.90 last week. AAA Texas’ Joshua Zuber says that's the third lowest in the country.

“We are looking at gas prices staying steady if not dropping off as we wrap up the summer driving season it will be an interesting back to school season as well with some folks choosing to stay at home at least for the beginning of the school year,” Zuber said.

The national average is down to $2.19. Analysts had expected more Americans to drive after lockdowns and stay at home orders were lifted, but the recovery has been short lived amid COVID-19 concerns. The ripple effect could impact oil prices as well.

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