For some, there's not much incentive to return to the office

The additional $600 a week in unemployment pay some have been receiving is about to run out and there's concern too many Americans would rather stay home and collect that than return to work. There's also concern we can't afford to continue all of this stimulus pay.

Rice economist Dr. John Diamond says the money does not grow on trees.

"We can't just spend the money as if it's free."

Dr. Diamond says we haven't balanced a federal budget this century.

"We've consumed a lot over the past twenty years and we haven't paid for it; and when you consume a lot on credit eventually you do have to pay for it."

Professor Diamond says the republican idea of continuing 70% of pay during unemployment may be a good compromise.

"Maybe make the payments a little smaller but then allow them to be paid to everyone; even if you go back to work you would continue to get the payment for some time period, say the next six months or something, or something related to how the economy recovers."

Congress is also considering another Coronavirus relief bill with another check to be sent to everyone who makes less than a certain amount each year.

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