Pelosi insults Barr, calls him "blob" and "despicable" on MSNBC

Attorney General William Barr's performance at a hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill really got to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During an interview on MSND.. we mean MSNBC, Pelosi called U.S. Attorney General William Barr “despicable” for his performance during a House Judiciary hearing earlier.

Pelosi said, “I don’t know that they learned anything, but it demonstrated to the American people the contempt that he has for our democracy. In fact, one year ago, in July, we held the attorney general in contempt. His inconsistencies about sending — not sending law enforcement in when people invaded really the legislature in Michigan and then saying because demonstrators are out on the street, that’s violent. But it wasn’t violent for people to go in with guns into the legislature in Michigan. So the inconsistency of it all. And the fact that he was, shall we say, not forthcoming in his rejecting any thought that he would talk politics as the attorney general with the president of the United States."

Check out the video below and read more HERE.

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