Houston Churches Thankful They Haven’t Been Forced to Shut Down

The mainstream media continues to accuse churches of spreading the virus. However, many of Houston’s biggest churches have been worshiping in-person for weeks without an outbreak.

Since the beginning of May, Second Baptist Church’s multiple campuses have hosted in-person worship services. Their plan, like many area churches, has been to strictly follow the governor's guidelines, which do not have an occupancy limit on places of worship.

“We are full when every other row is full and there are two chairs between each family unit,” John Card, spokesman for Second Baptist and the Church’s Director of Adult Ministries, said. “So that’s what we look at. We look at the seating area, and really try to make sure there’s 36 square feet of space between each family unit.”

Card says no one should feel they have to attend in person, but if they want to, they have the option. Harris County had tried to ban services, but the Governor's orders override local officials. Many agree with his classifying churches as an essential service.

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