Miami Police Creates Special Unit To Ticket People Over Facemasks

This is how you destroy trust, support & respect for the police in the community they serve.

Miami police has creates a unit of 39 police officer with the sole purpose of harassing & fining people for not wearing a mask or wearing a mask improperly.

The unit hands out fines of $100 for the first and second offense.

The third offense will be met with arrest or a notice to appear fora misdemeanor offense .

Under Miami-Dade County rules, face masks must be worn both at indoor and outdoor public spaces even if you are alone walking in a park.

The report above from CBS Miami shows several people walking all alone with the park with their dog being ticketed for not wearing a mask.

The Miami Herald reports:

On July 17, Johanna Gianni said she had just finished shopping at a Publix in North Miami Beach and was walking back to her car when she took off the face mask she had worn inside the store. Almost immediately, a police officer came up to her and told her she was getting a ticket for not wearing a mask in a public space.
Despite showing the officer she had a mask in her hand, Gianni still got the citation. She says it felt like a set-up to catch shoppers after they followed the rules where it really mattered, inside the grocery. The parking lot was nearly empty, she said, and no one was around her when she took the mask off...
Gianni, who was ticketed outside of a supermarket, isn’t the only person who felt they were unfairly given a ticket.
Ronald Setoute was in a barber shop on July 17 in North Miami waiting for his turn to get a haircut when he says he pulled the face mask he was wearing down to his chin to take a drink of water.
Just at that moment, a police officer walked in and told him he was wearing his mask incorrectly and wrote him up for a $100 fine. Setoute tried to explain he understood the mask laws, but he said the officer did not care. His friends in the shop found the incident amusing;

Total money grab.

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