Austin Schools To Open As Day-Care Centers

So parents are going to pay about $200 a week for kids to sit in classrooms at public schools for virtual learning, the same classrooms that politicians & unions say are “unsafe” for teachers.

Apparently COVID-19 only is a threat to the teachers paying union dues.

KXAN-TV reports:

“The YMCA of Austin is offering support to families looking for help during those first three weeks of mandatory virtual learning when school starts.
Your child can go do their work inside an Austin Independent School Building under their care while parents go to work. It’s an extension to the YMCA’s current summertime essential programming.
Back in June, Governor Greg Abbott allowed the YMCA to lease out AISD buildings for their childcare needs.”

The daycare centers or as they are calling it, “The Virtual Learning Support” centers are being hosted at elementary schools across the city.

It cost $195 per week, per child.

As Bethany Mandel points out:

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