Oakland’s Democrat Mayor Has Her Home Vandalized By BLM/Antifa

This was Oakland’s Mayor last month, kneeling for the protesters at a George Floyd rally in the city.

Then last week before city council voted to defund police, her home was targeted by BLM/Antifa thugs who spray painted “Defund OPD," "homes 4 all," and "blood on your hands" on the garage, sidewalk and stone wall.

Witnesses say 30 to 40 people dressed in black and wearing masks shot projectiles and set off fireworks in the middle of the night.

The mayor’s office put out a statement saying “this attack, designed to intimidate the mayor and strike fear into her family, will not stop her from advocating for the policies she believes are in the best long-term interests of her beloved hometown....Like all Oaklanders, she supports passionate protest but does not support tactics meant to harm and terrorize others.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that a post at the San Francisco Independent Media Center's website contained a message from someone claiming responsibility for the vandalism. They report:

The message reads “last night we sent a wake up call to Libby and a call for action to the whole Bay Area. We left a note on her garage, and treated her to a nice fireworks display and the musical notes of pots and pans and assorted noisemakers. Our message to Libby and other elected officials is simple: You have the power to take the boot off our necks — so we have the duty to struggle against you until that boot is lifted," they added. "You can't hide from your responsibility!" The message included four demands from the group. They called for the defunding of the Oakland Police Department, cancellation of rent, "Homes for All," and "Drop the Charges," without elaborating.

Should serve as a lesson to all politicians, but it won’t: don’t pander to these groups because eventually they’re going to come for you.