There are lies, and then there's what the mainstream media does

There are lies, damn lies, and then the plethora of lies the mainstream media tells you when it comes to President Trump.

So many lies someone wrote a book about it, 'The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump and You.' Reviewer Tony Daniel says some of the bigger ones are that Trump is racist and biased against the LGBT community.

"It's so clear doesn't; that he has no problem whatsoever with gay or transgender people, Daniel said.

Daniel says what the media doesn't get is that many people knew the President wasn't perfect, but voted for him anyway.

"We don't elect a President because we love him as a person. We elect a President to do something for us. We are looking out for our own self interest," Daniels explained.

But the mainstream media keeps telling you these things over and over again. Daniel says Trump shouldn't sit there and take it.

"The only real way to do is is to fight fire with fire. Let's use some of the tricks they use to fight this," Daniel stated.

Daniel also says Trump isn't the first politician to have to deal with this.

"This is a problem as old as time," Daniels told KTRH.

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