High School Grads Looking For Careers Without A College Degree

The pandemic and economic shutdown has some high school graduates thinking about how to earn a steady paycheck without having to attend a four-year university.

Remote learning. Crippling debt. Increased uncertainty. Just a few reasons why some are looking for jobs that pay well, but don't require a college degree. Many of them expose workers to hazards like power line installers or signal and track switch repairers. But not all. Nicholas Morgan is President of Adaptive Construction Solutions, which connections Houstonians (included Veterans) with apprenticeships.

“Over the course of one to four years, you’re going to get to a point where you’re going to land in the middle class, and still have a career pathway that will allow you to grow beyond that, and without college debt,” Morgan said.

The average college graduate has more than 33,000 dollars in student debt. In some cases, Morgan says being an apprentice could earn you college credit for the future. He adds even with the downturn, Houstonians are finding jobs. He knows of 90 apprenticeship sponsors in our area.

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