Gambling was once the cardinal sin of major league baseball

It's opening day in the major leagues and you can bet on this: the gambling world is delighted to see team sports returning to action.

It's a billion dollar industry. SportsTalk 790 host Matt Thomas.

"I guarantee you Las Vegas is happy, I guarantee you the offshore books are very happy because, think about it, for months we've had nothing to bet on."

Gamblers have been bored out of their minds.

"With all due respect to golf and to corn hole and to NASCAR nobody likes to bet on that like they like to be on real sports events."

But Thomas says baseball isn't the best sport for wagering.

"The only sport I think that really embraces gambling is football; I think basketball will do so down the line and I think baseball isn't far behind. It's just the hardest sport because it doesn't have the immense scoring that the other two sports have."

Thomas says the gambling on baseball will be simple, winners and losers. There won't be much wagering on individual stats or accomplishments.

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