United Airlines to furlough thousands of Houston area workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the airline industry particularly hard. United Airlines reported second quarter losses amounting to $1.6 Billion. As a result, the airline sent thousands of their workers furlough notices. That includes about 2,000 workers here in Houston.

“The airline industry — it’s on shaky ground, to say the least at this point,” Mike Klemm, president of IAM District 141 Airline Workers Union, told our TV Partner Channel 2.

The furlough could go into effect in October. The Cares Act will keep families afloat with payroll protection until Sept. 30. The union is pushing Congress for an extension and is urging families to contact their representatives.

“Unless we are able to get this extension, people are going to be out of work. People are going to be without medical benefits, which will have people out of coverage which will give people an amount of undue stress on people,” Klemm said.


  • Clear Creek ISD has pushed back the first day of classes from August 18th to August 24th. Students will be learning remotely for at least the first week of the school year.
  • Nearly a month after Governor Greg Abbott closed bars, the TABC is allowing breweries to partially re-open their patios.
  • Moderna has their COVID vaccine ready to start Phase 3 testing. They are looking for volunteers in Houston, and you can make as much as $2,000 for being a part of the trial.
  • Texas got some good news and bad news in COVID-19 numbers. New cases were down to 9,305. But the state reported a new record with 10,848 patients in the hospital with the virus.

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