Republicans Rethinking Social Media Strategy Amid Censorship, Hacks

Security experts are raising the alarm about social media sites after Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s Twitter accounts were recently hacked.

Former Vice President Joe Biden told his supporters he will never ask for Bitcoin cryptocurrency donations. This after Twitter reported a coordinated attack by hackers last week. The hacks and recent censorship of Conservative posts has Republicans running for office in November carefully considering their plan to reach voters online.

“The social media channels are an essential platform for reaching those voters, but you want to always have a foot out the door because those goals aren’t aligned with each other,” Eric Wilson, a Republican digital strategist, said.

Wilson says it's vital Republicans build their own audience through email, website, and text messaging so they can communicate directly with supporters. He notes some Conservatives have flocked to sites like Parler, but it's still important to maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since that's where you'll find the most people.

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