No college football may mean no other sports, either

The unthinkable is upon us: no college football! At the very least, many conferences are looking at scheduling only conference games -- no out of conference football this season.

Jim Gumm is publisher of The Blitz.

"I think that's the only way you're gonna have football in the fall, it's gonna be conference only stuff."

Gumm says sports like fencing and water polo need football and basketball.

"If football's not going on and there's no NCAA basketball tournament money coming in, the first thing that's gonna go are the non-revenue producing sports."

Stanford, for example, has announced its dropping some non-revenue generating sports like fencing, field hockey, volleyball and wrestling.

Gumm says football pays for just about everything else.

"A few schools like Kentucky, Duke -- their basketball probably produces as much if not more money than football, but basically if football isn't played you're gonna see a lot of sports cut by these other schools."

The University of Texas generates the most sports revenue with a staggering $1.1-billion annually.

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