COVID-19 numbers should be taken with a grain of salt

The mainstream media won't let up in reporting COVID-19 numbers. Cases are rising, but the media calls it a surge, especially when it comes to Texas. But those numbers may not be ones you can trust.

There are reasons not to. The state of Texas had to remove 3,484 cases of COVID from their totals because they the city of San Antonio was reporting probable cases and not confirmed cases.

"The bigger challenge is that it was a backlog of a few weeks that they released all at once. That results in this impression that the virus was surging in San Antonio," said Chuck DeVore with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

DeVore says that the sheer numbers are not the only issue that exists in how cases and deaths are reported.

"When this stuff is reported, it's difficult to account for when these deaths and tests were actually done," DeVore stated.

Other states are being called out for how they report, as well. In Florida, a death from a motorcycle crash was listed as a COVID-19 death until questions were raised by a local TV station.

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