McCarthy Says Democrats Want to Expand Supreme Court, Add Two States

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says it's vital Republicans win in November.

The California Republican warns KTRH's Sean Hannity if Democrats win big in the fall, they “will change the rules of the game".

“How we vote, they will change… they'll expand the Supreme Court, there won't be 50 states, there will be 52 states,” McCarthy said in the TV interview.

At first, that may sound extreme, but retired political science professor Allan Saxe says those are real possibilities, if Democrats take control of both houses of Congress and the White House.

“We know, for example, that Nancy Pelosi is very strong-willed and perhaps more partisan than she’s ever been in her life, and the same thing is true of many of the other Democrats,” Saxe said.

Saxe also says former Vice President Joe Biden isn't mentally sound enough to be the president.

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