Group of House Republicans Lobby Against Trump Student Visa Policy

Many Republicans in Washington say they want to fix our broken immigration system. But a recent finding shows more than a dozen may not be as tough on the issue as they say.

In early July, a group of 15 house Republicans lobbied the White House to re-open a loophole that gives visas to online-only foreign students. This according to a Breitbart report, which states the members sided with liberal universities like Harvard and MIT, who make more money in tuition off foreign students.

“What we are seeing in some fields is that you have so many foreign students coming in that American students are being shut out of some of these seats in some of the most important areas, such as the STEM areas,” Ira Mehlman, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said.

Mehlman adds big lobby groups sometimes block sound policy. He wished the Trump Administration hadn’t been pressured into re-opening the loophole.

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