Gen X to Live Longer, But There’s a Catch

Gen X will enjoy the benefits of exponential growth in medical science, but there’s a downside.

British researchers scoured through the medical records of 135,000 people and compared the health of Baby Boomers at a set age to the health of Gen Xers at the same age.It’s not good.

Obesity, for example. 71% of boomers had high blood sugar when they were 44.Gen X, at the age of 44, kicked that up to 78%.

High blood sugar, an earlier indicator of diabetes, shows the same trend. At age 56, 9% of boomers had high sugar levels, while Gen Xers, the oldest of whom are just hitting 56, are projected at 16%.

Researchers say the extra time Gen X will have will be spent in worse health because of poor diet and exercise.

photo: getty images

Elderly Hands

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