Trump's chances in November better than media gives him credit for

The mainstream media is already acting like Joe Biden has won the election. They may have ignored a warning sign that flashed this week.

Here in Texas Republican Ronny Jackson, endorsed by President Trump, beat Josh Winegarner, who had the endorsement of retiring Congressman Mac Thornberry. Republican strategist Luke Macias says that tells him the President has strong support, stronger than the Biden camp wants to admit.

"When people had choices between someone endorsed by President Trump and someone with ties to D.C insiders, it was an easy choice," Macias said

Macias told KTRH you should remember that the next time you hear the mainstream media talk about Biden's lead in the polls.

"If any of us tried to predict what was going to happen in the next 90 days, we might al be wrong in our assumptions," Macias stated.

This wasn't the only race that played out like this. In Alabama, Tommy Tuberville beat Jeff Sessions largely because of Trump's endorsement.

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