Texas Governor Greg Abbott Facing Criticism Among Fellow Republicans

A growing number of Republicans in Texas counties are voting to censure governor Greg Abbott for his mandatory face mask order and closing down bars.

The Governor's COVID-19 strategy is facing criticism from the left, the center, and now, some on the right. They disagree with Greg Abbott’s using almost two dozen executive orders during the pandemic. Conservatives are worried he's going to listen to Democrats who are urging him to shut down the state. Political analyst Chris Begala doesn't think that's going to happen.

I don’t see how in any way he’s going to be looking at shutting down regions or shutting down this state. That was not the way to combat this and I think everybody knows that now,” Begala said.

Begala says Conservative Republicans still want to work with Abbott, even if they disagree with some of his decisions. Last week, a group of 11 Republican lawmakers sent a letter to his office, calling on the Governor to scale back a state law that gives him widespread executive powers during a disaster.

Begala says how the Governor and Republican lawmakers will fair during the next legislative session depends on the economy’s ability to bounce back.

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